October 16th, 2008


Amazingly, the house sale/purchase is *still* dragging its carcass along the floor. It's starting to feel like a theoretical process, or one that happens in another dimension. Clearly it will continue to feel like this until the thing either goes through or falls through - either way I'm in for a lawyer's bill of more than a thousand pounds, which will feel very real indeed when it arrives.

In the meantime, the dogs are here, and as no-one will rent to people with dogs, my empoloyers, Willy Wonka's Money Tree are letting me rent one of thier properties. It has taken days and days of cleaning and decorating to get even three rooms livable, but livable they are, and the cowboy, myself and the dogs are all loving being together in our snuggly Wonka Hovel. Cedar and Clay did really well with the flight and transfers, but are still a bit jetlagged. The way you can tell this is that they are still waking me up several times a night being all excited and tippy-tappy-feet-waggy-tail about how we can stop 'napping' now. If they weren't so bloody cute (and heavy) I'd have thrown them out the window at three am today.

But its all good. I've got my girl, my dogs, a secure job and a safe place to live. I also have access to decent coffee, which is really helping with the jetlagged dogs element.
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