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and when they were up they were up...

So, in no particular order
1) we have a new buyer for the flat, so everything is possibly ok
2) i am unable to believe everything is possibly ok
3) i foolishly went past the little house we are trying to buy, which has just elevated my anxiety levels. because I want it...

Im going to try and turn the heel on a sock tonight to distract myself. I cooked a double ginger and lemon cake yesterday as part of the same effort. Jenn just sucked down a wedge of said cake that was big as her head (she is now one of the few woman brewers working in a real ale brewery in the UK - I am showing off about her endlessly, she is eating endlessly - apparently those cask are heeeavy)

Then again, I'm still naked at 4pm on a Sunday, which is my kind of day.

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