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Still no clearer about the housing thing. Actually, we have nowhere to live two weeks from today. On the upside, we've been on this rollercoaster so long now that it is all cloaked in an air of unreality. I'm chanelling the universal WHAtEvAH.

I've been thinking a lot about NOLA friends, particularly you Deuce and Puma - because I now live in a town that floods every year and all the time (we are luckier than a lot of towns in England that are flooding right now in that because its always been like this, things are better set up to deal with it). The river Ouse runs right through the centre of York, and has already flooded twice this year. They throw up mini levees all along the banks, using the walls of houses to link them together. One of our favourite places for a beer is a little Belgian cafe which is in the toll house of one of the bridges. It's hundreds of years old and stone built so when it floods right up to the celing of the ground floor, they just keep right on serving beer out of the top floor with sticks and branches floating on by the windows. The whole of Tower Park was flooded to about 4ft too, with sandbags stopping it flowing over the main road. The geese and swans own this fucking city I swear. Anyways, I wish I was near enough to mix you a nice cocktail(sss). You've been in my thoughts a lot.

Wonderfully, I have been dreaming of the Cowboy all week. I think I miss her so much when I'm at work that I extend our time together by dreaming about her at night. When she's sleeping and I'm awake, which happens often in our world, she smiles if I look at her. Who needs a fucking house when you've got that?

She's singing to herself in the kitchen right now, which is something she never does in front of anyone - just me when she can pretend I'm not listening...

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