lemondancy (lemondancy) wrote,

you couldn't make this shit up.


So, a month on, we are *still* waiting for Royal Bank of Scotland to book a lenders survey. Y'anno, cos booking something takes that long right?

We now also have found out that the loft conversion on the place we are trying to buy is illegal. We are basically having to tell the vendor - 'you sell it to us as a two bed, or you get retrospective consents for the conversion'. He is being pissy about it.

So - delays on the sale, problems with the purchase.

Only one week left until we have to leave the flat we are in.

Two weeks till our huge furry dogs arrive in the care of the Cowboy's two hugely Mormon brothers.

Jokes that co-workers made about their spare rooms are now looking like actual offers.

But other than that crazytime stuff things are great. We are going home for my sister Dora's 11th birthday party this weekend. She wants me to take her shopping for 'trendy clothes' as her gift. Her present from Dad and Linda is 2 rabbits and a guinea pig - she is going to literally pee herself over them - she's been begging for a pet her whole life!

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