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flu'd glorious flu'd! There's nothing quite like it!

Right now I'm very happy to have a bad head cold.

This is a direct consequence of the fact that for the last week I have been literally bed ridden with the flu. And MY GOD DID THAT SUCK. More than once, in the middle of the night, I lay awake crying because my headache was so blinding and nothing I took to damp down the pain even touched the side. One night the pressure in my sinuses was so bad my right ear *bled*! It was like something out of Alien. I've been totally unable to function, even at the level of a conversation. Then yesterday the waters broke,and I now just have a bad head cold. Here is a list of the wonderful things I did yesterday that I am profoundly grateful for and were impossible during the time of the flu:
1) tasted my food and my morning coffee (this worked all day providing I blew my nose a lot)
2) had rational, functional conversations that I could both follow and contribute to
3) had that kind of conversation with my cowboy
4) walked my dogs
5) watched a whole film that I could actually follow (Batman: the Dark Knight, and I liked his cushy balloony bike wheels, but not the silly voice)
6) had lovely, glorious, thank god it is all still there sex (including illness induced but pleasant semi-hallucinatory state)
7) slept

I am *thankful* for my health. Thankful, thankful, thankful.

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