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So Cordelia pointed out that I haven't posted for ages (which is perfectly true). We don't have internet access at our house, so I have to squeeze all of this stuff into the cracks of my work day (of which there are not a great many). Anyways: here are some things that have been going on

1) our house sale finally fell through just before christmas, and while we got another offer almost immediately, it was for less money (welcome to the recession right?) and neither Jenn nor I can face months more of uncertainty. This means a month or more of rennovating (our renters trashed it) and re-renting. Bleuch
2) we had christmas with our family, which was beautiful
3) we got given a car (my stepmum is having a mid life crisis and bought herself a sportscar. We got the little ole hatchback, which I love and enables us to go hiking with the dogs
4) we went to meet our new freind oscar, who is 2 months old.

Overall, things are good, despite the fact that both of us really miss living in a town where we have good friends....and I'm very sleepy, which is why this post is a bit sucky (Clay had a late night hysterical poo-need, and I couldn't get back to sleep).

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